Sam Irl delivers a jazz-tinged House EP via Cologne’s Jazz & Milk, entitled ‘Donau’ and comprising three originals from the Vienna, Austria based producer and DJ. 

The past decade has seen Bavaria born Vienna based artist Sam Irl deliver his signature soul infused twist on contemporary house via the likes of Jimpster’s Freerange, S3A’s Sampling As An Art, SlothBoogie, Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood and of course Jazz & Milk which has become a staple home for his productions since debuting on the label in 2012. Here Sam offers up the ‘Donau’ EP, the title of which references his growing up in rural Lower Bavaria as well living in Vienna for almost two decades, both of which are located on the Danube River. 

Opening the EP is ‘Music About Talking’, a five-minute dynamic house workout employing intricately intertwined keys, sweeping guitar chops, vocal cuts and air synth chords running atop jazzy, organic drums and a gritty bass hook. 

Title-cut ‘Donau’ follows and dives deeper into snaking bass licks, stuttering guitar plucks, ethereal piano lines and shuffled, low-slung drums. ‘Magic Hat’ then rounds out the release, deftly weaving together twinkling synth chimes, a playful, bouncy bass line and ethereal atmospherics while jazzy keys ebb and flow amongst a raw, crisp drum groove.

ifsonever debut album out now!

If you ever wondered what ambient music of the 21st century could sound like, then you should explore the musical spheres of “ifsonever”. This colorful debut-album draws a blueprint of an urban ambient club record of a parallel universe. A collage of beautifully improvised pieces, strictly recorded in “one takes”. A gripping fusion that brings together the warm analog textures of classic vintage synthesizers and electronic urban ambiences. 

Trying to appreciate the recent times of silence and deceleration, Daniel Helmer aka ifsonever has quickly developed a tonal language as a solo artist. With a non-compromising approach he would visit his studio, a cozy garden shed, to record one new track a day in strictly analog fashion as “one takes”. His aim for this project was to capture the innocence and instinctive creative energy of the present moment. These 9 timeless pieces invite the listener to explore hypnotic and meditative atmospheres such as on the opener “transpose” or on “jonesy dreams of birds”, as well as gloomy and almost mystical sounding tracks such as “total global” or “an unexpected error has occurred”. ifsonever is a wonderful amalgamation of organic, laid-back sounds and electronic, club oriented elements. 

The cover artwork is a collaboration between Jazz & Milk graphic designer Tim Schmitt and photographer Frank Hulsbömer. A scan of the artist's head, hand and foot was 3D printed, photographed and transformed into an otherworldly scenery that visualizes the musical atmosphere.

Stream & download the album here


Àbáse x Zeitgeist teamed up with young keyboard virtuoso Yoofee for a live session at mixing and mastering veteran Erik Breuer's brand new Brewery Studios in Berlin.

Their mutual love for experimental live instrumentation and modern club music resulted in an 8-minute live take of the track "Nuit des To'eres", a deep polyrhythmic journey as featured on the Àbáse x Zeitgeist debut EP "Body Mind Spirit". While the intro begins loosely with wild effects and spacey echoes, the interplay between the three different musicians soon feels tightly coordinated as deep synth bass arpeggios and spiralling melodies merge into dense polyrhythmic drumming. The result is pure energy that invites the listener into the unique cosmic dimensions of Àbáse x Zeitgeist! 

Check out the beautiful video by Tim Schmitt, capturing the recording session:

The digital single is now available on Bandcamp and all other digital platforms.

Drums: Ziggy Zeitgeist
Keys, Synths, Percussion: Àbáse
Wurlitzer, Piano, Synths, Percussion: Yoofee

Recorded at Brewery Studios Berlin, March 2021
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Erik Breuer

Video: Tim Schmitt

Àbáse x Zeitgeist - Body Mind Spirit • out now!

Body Mind Spirit

Àbáse x Zeitgeist

“Body Mind Spirit” is a masterful collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Àbáse and drummer/producer Ziggy Zeitgeist, also known for his live project Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange and his work with Australian Nu-Soul juggernauts 30/70. As Àbáse x Zeitgeist, they share a deep musical understanding and respect, moving fluidly through future
“Body Mind Spirit” is a masterful collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Àbáse and drummer/producer Ziggy Zeitgeist, also known for his live project Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange and his work with Australian Nu-Soul juggernauts 30/70. As Àbáse x Zeitgeist, they share a deep musical understanding and respect, moving fluidly through future funk, deep electronica, house and techno while maintaining an undeniable organic, soulful and spiritual foundation, supported by the voice of the South African singer Dumama.

The term "Àbáse" in the West African Yorùbá language stands for collaboration. And from the very first moment Àbáse heard Ziggy Zeitgeist play drums live with 30/70, he had a very strong vision that they will create music together. Indeed, soon after, the two embarked on a musical journey, merging their experimental background as live musicians with their love for modern electronic productions. Surrounded and influenced by the urban club culture and electronic music scene that their new home Berlin has to offer, the two kindred spirits began improvising and jamming regularly at Ziggy’s Xberg studio.

The EP beautifully captures a highly sophisticated hybrid of hand-played elements and progressive, electronic grooves. Most of the studio sessions involved Àbáse improvising on keys, synths and percussion over Ziggy’s drum grooves and electronic beat sketches. Ziggy would then spent all night editing and arranging what they had recorded, throwing in loose and crazy ideas, unexpected breaks and cuts that made it difficult for Àbáse to even recognize what he had originally played the day before. Highly motivated by this kind of experimental synergy, the two spent many hours together in the studio following their creative vision.

Coincidence would have it that Àbáse and Ziggy Zeitgeist shared the same stage with Dumama from the duo Dumama + Kechou. The South African-born, Berlin-based, artist, performer and sonic researcher is a compelling storyteller and lyricist. She works to seamlessly blend traditional South African oral culture and futuristic globally-oriented poetics, with a delicate care and awareness of the value of both. Deeply moved by her musical performance and strong spirit, the two decided on the spot to invite her to Ziggy’s studio for a musical collaboration. A guided meditation by Dumama was followed by a collective improvisation that laid the foundation for the profound title track “Body Mind Spirit” as well as several short ‘meditations’ that create a fluid and connective tissue throughout the EP.
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V.A. - COMMUNITY / Animation • Moe Fabrik - Sassy Boi

Moe Fabrik - Sassy Boi (Live Version)

Video Premiere: Bongani GiveThanks - Indoda (African Repraise)


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