Moe Fabrik is a collaborative moniker of Style Boi 92 (Finland), Ziggy Zeitgeist (Australia) and Wayne Snow (Nigeria), the three came together amongst the melting pot of Berlins underground sessions and DIY studios. The trio equally come from backgrounds in soul, jazz and hip hop and mutually agreed to expand into the field of dance music for this project.  One of the most proficient and exciting young producers emerging right now, Style Boi is quickly proving himself a key player behind the scenes of many exciting new projects coming out of Berlin. 

Wayne Snow and Ziggy Zeitgeist met at a record store in Neukölln 12 months earlier and instantly connected musically making the first sessions in converted office spaces after hours, with a techno club in the same building, maybe thats how the soulful jazz infused sound merged with the darker and heavier textures of the club.