You could probably live without bad Jazz, but you don´t want to miss the Bad Jazz Troupe! Disregarding any kind of mindless rule – musical or otherwise – this reckless band revamps traditional rhythms and styles with modern production techniques. The Bad Jazz Troupe brings together raw Afrobeat, Jazz and Funk elements with the latest achievements of the electronic revolution in the world of music. The result sounds fresh and original and yet reminds one of those days when Jazz was still something unruly, naughty and rebellious. What the Bad Jazz Troupe seeks to accomplish, after all, is nothing but bad jazz in the best sense. 

The initiators of the project are two „bad“ boys in otherwise quiet and peaceful Munich, Germany. Jerker Kluge, much sought-after bassist and composer (The Boogoos, The Hi-Fly Orchestra, Cesar´s Salad, Radio Utopia), provides an invaluable musical basis with selected players of the local Jazz and Funk scene. Their organic sound is infused with energetic beats and hypnotic loops by Dj, producer and labelhead Dusty (Jazz & Milk). Already in 2009 he created a dancefloor hit by remixing the Afro-Funk of The Boogoos. Back then Jerker and Dusty decided that they will continue acting in collusion and so they founded the Bad Jazz Troupe. 

In the band’s live performances highly skilled and creative musicians merge sophisticated arrangements with brilliant improvisations on top of Dusty’s inimitable percussive beats. 
Purists also get a chance to experience this sound at thome: on the A side of the vinyl EP they will find an electroacoustic fusion of musicians and producer and on the B side the original studio recordings of the band. 

Keep your eyes open for upcoming live gigs and an entire album by the Bad Jazz Troupe.