Sounds From The Cave EP

Mr. Chop

Step into the world of mr.Chop and you will find a fantastic planet full of eclectic sounds. Taking his influence from 60´s electronica, music concrete funk, psych, library, soundtracks ,krautrock only start to scratch the surface. Hard to define musically but easy to dig all the same. All made with live instruments in mr. Chops secret lab…

Enter the cave and you will find ´the caveman´ along with some heavy dirty drums, a pack of hungry pierre henry ravaged analogue synths, scary delayed horns, wah-wah mellotrons and big phased out mega breakdowns. Bring on ´snob´ a trip into a psychedelic bullett induced indian mantra and rock out with a johnny harris flute explosion while you are there. Sit down for a minute and catch your breath with ´a trip through the water door´. A short skit featuring the mighty mike burnam from the heliocentrics. "Brainticket" a heavy psych wah-wah freakout with fuzzed out guitars, nutty tape loops , sprinkles of heavy bass and some old pots and pans for percussion.

Fill up your tank with ´fuel´. Super silver apples style freakout. Big synths and heavy live techno/latin drums with a few surprises later on. ´Monolith voodoo vibes´ featuring malcolm catto from the heliocentrics on drums. A monster! Big drums, big bass, big horns, big moog. Big nasty chopness. ´The red baron´ again featuring malcolm catto on drums for this dark soundtrack number, mellotron strings plus moog equals sinister flute action. ´Conduit closing´ short skit outro, with synths and delays to bring the record to a close.
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