Dusty, labelhead of Jazz&Milk, proves that an artist need not simply commit himself to a genre or two but ups the ante considerably by featuring a broad spectrum of musical styles, bringing together his favourite leanings such as jazz, soul, afrobeat, dub, disco, boogie, broken beat and raw house rhythms, while seeking a natural balance between accoustic, electronic and traditional sounds through the prism of a club-music oriented approach.  

His label and its associated clubnight „Jazz&Milk“, represent an integral component of German club culture, having hosted international luminaries such as Mr. Scruff, Max Graef, Romare, Clap Clap!, Débruit, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Quantic, Sofrito Soundsystem, Lefto, Simbad, Poets Of Rhythm, Karl Hector & the Malcouns and many others. 

As A&R he's responsible for many successful releases on Jazz & Milk featuring artists such as Steve Spacek, Sam Irl, Moe Fabrik, Àbáse x Zeitgeist, Session Victim, Feater and many more... 
From his collaborations with and influences from such creative and versatile producers and DJ’s, to his live performances with the Bad Jazz Troupe, to spinning vinyl records, to hosting a monthly radio show on dublab.de, these experiences have all combined to generate the unique sound found in Dusty’s productions. As a passionate DJ, he travels the world consistently, having performed for audiences in New York, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Saigon, Manila or Johannesburg.  

He cleverly manages to move dancefloors with an individual and positive twist, not by submitting to musical clichés, but by always seeking a distinctive sound, one that blends sophisticated old and contempary dance music. 


  • 2005 - Jazz & Milk (12"/EP)
  • 2008 - Keep It Raw (12"/EP)
  • 2008 - Keep It Raw Remixed (12"/EP)
  • 2008 - An Exotic Breed (12"/EP)
  • 2009 - Keep It Raw (Album)
  • 2011 - Bad Jazz Troupe - Looking For Jupiter (12"/EP)
  • 2013 - Mood Matters (12"/EP)
  • 2013 - Mood Matters (Album)
  • 2017 - Sam Irl & Dusty - Twelve Inch Jams 001 (12")
  • 2018 - Twelve Inch Jams 003 (12")
  • 2019 - Sam Irl & Dusty - Twelve Inch Jams 004 (12")


- www.soundcloud.com/dusty
- www.instagram.com/dusty_jazzandmilk


- Mood Matters
- Heavy Lights

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