Twelve Inch Jams 001: Sam Irl & Dusty - 12" vinyl
  • Twelve Inch Jams 001: Sam Irl & Dusty - 12" vinyl
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12" vinyl + digital download in high-quality WAV format!

  1. Pick Up The Pieces
  2. Drift

"Amazing track!" - Gilles Peterson
"Love both tracks!" - Mr. Scruff

Sometimes you produce a track with nothing but a dancefloor and a good sound system in mind. “Twelve Inch Jams” is offering you just that - strictly two A side tunes for the floor cut at 45 revolutions per minute. Jazz & Milk pays tribute to this classy release format with their new 12” vinyl series. Each record comes in a hand silk-screened printed and stamped sleeve!

The series starts off with members of the label family - Vienna’s Sam Irl and the man behind Jazz & Milk, Dusty. The two not only share a good friendship, but also the love for raw and sample-based house music tunes produced on the MPC. They got together and created these jams in two nightly sessions. “Pick Up The Pieces” is driven by a rough bass drum, filthy dub vocal samples, harmonic synth chords and a bassline that makes you bounce. “Drift” has a rather moody vibe but nonetheless dancefloor potential. The track is a beautiful collage piece consisting of plenty sample fragments which doesn’t fail to pull you in its spell like a drift through otherworldly spheres...

So let’s pay tribute to good music and Tom Moulton’s legacy - the 12” single!

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