Our friends at Music Is My Sanctuary and SlothBoogie are premiering tracks of Dusty's forthcoming Twelve Inch Jams 003 release!

“Don’t You Worry” introduces African rhythms with its percussive kalimba and conga patterns, warm synth chords and a groovy bass workout towards the end! Extremely well produced deep, soulful, Disco House with a nice acid curveball on the A-side! 

“Twelve Inch Jams 003” releases March 23, 2018 on Jazz&Milk

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For our first Afro-Brazilian compilation we teamed up with Tahira, one of São Paulo’s most active DJs and music collectors. Levanta Poeira (Afro-Brazilian music & rhythms from 1976 – 2016) highlights a few of his favourite DJ pearls and encompasses Brazil’s various regional musical styles influenced by African and Amerindian forms. 

While most foreign music lovers tend to approach Brazilian music by having American music genres such as Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco as a reference, Tahira’s personal wish was to showcase the rich musical roots and facets of his country by featuring carefully selected artists and bands from the past 4 decades. Most of these tracks will be made available on vinyl for the very first time with a highlight certainly being Tahira’s “A Toda Menina Baiana” remix (vinyl-only) of one of Brazil’s absolute musical heroes, Gilberto Gil

Watch a video featuring Tahira giving insights into the compilation project Levanta Poeira - Afro​-​Brazilian music & rhythms from 1976 – 2016

...a refreshing, perspective-shifter that will doubtless become summer essentials for DJs across Europe.”

— The Vinyl Factory


JAMS002 sounds the bell for the second round of the series including a 10 years re-issue of the classic Sam Irl cut “You Don’t Feel Enough”. Originally released as a B1 tune on his “African Dance EP” debut on Pulver Records in 2007, this jazzy house gem found its way into the record bags of many influential DJs over the years. From Session VictimGlenn Astro, Max Graef to Hodini... the record never disappeared in club sets but certainly from discogs a good while ago. 

So it was about time to give the tune a second life and finally press it on the format it deserves - a whole 12” side. The German production duo Session Victim are well-known fans of the track describing it as their secret weapon playing it in quite many DJ sets for years, including their 2015 appearance for Mixmag’s DJ Lab. 

Hence, it is a great pleasure that Session Victim contributed a remix to the new release. Their absolutely elegant and groove-driven version with a charming 90’s touch to it makes a brillant counterpart to the original with its jazzy piano-, drum- and double bass samples leading to an epic synth break that regularly causes ecstatic moments on the dancefloor.

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Release date: October 13, 2017

<b>Sam Irl - Twelve Inch Jams 002</b><br> JAMS002 / Oct 13, 2017

Sam Irl - Twelve Inch Jams 002
JAMS002 / Oct 13, 2017


Sometimes you produce a track with nothing but a dancefloor and a good sound system in mind. “Twelve Inch Jams” is offering you just that - strictly two A side tunes for the floor cut at 45 revolutions per minute. Jazz & Milk pays tribute to this classy release format with their new 12” vinyl series. Each record comes in a hand silk-screened printed and stamped sleeve! 

The series starts off with members of the label family - Vienna’s Sam Irl and the man behind Jazz & Milk, Dusty. The two not only share a good friendship, but also the love for raw and sample-based house music tunes produced on the MPC. They got together and created these jams in two nightly sessions.

Our friends at Music Is My Sanctuary have premiered the track "Pick Up The Pieces"!

"Amazing track!" Gilles Peterson 
"Love both tracks!" - Mr. Scruff

Released on September 1st, 2017
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We're back in the silk-screen printing business and happy to offer you new hand printed shirts and hoodies. Twelve Inch Jams Tees are new in stock and after many requests we finally got the classic Rebel Milk label logo Tees and Hoodies back in stock too!
All printed on high-quality organic cotton textiles.

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