JM003 Rube - Another Gone Record

Another Gone Record EP


In the Rube’s mind, bop jazz, beat poetry, big band swing, and hip hop live together. As Rube’s first EP, “Another Gone Record” demonstrates, the fore mentioned arts get along very well.

The EP opens with “Another Gone Record”, where vocal scatting and chilled out hip hop rhythms mingle with big band horns and walking basslines in a tasteful downtempo mixer.

“Get Up!” picks up the pace at a tempo Mr. Cugat could appreciate as much as Mr. Bambataa might.

For”Big Band Jump pts 3 & 4”, label Founder, Dusty joins Rube for a percussion heavy number that builds and builds and builds! BBJ is an homage to Krupa, Rich, Cozy Cole and the Big Bands of the past, but this hard swinging track is made for modern clubbing.

“Dharmabumrush” completes the record. It is a bombastic style montage of scat singing, double basslines, mad blowing horns, funkified breakbeats and beat poetry.

Informed and inspired by jazz, beat poetry, and big band swing, the Rube’s “Another Gone Record” is the kind of record that b-boys, b-girls, lindy hoppers, jazz cats, beatheads and hep cats can all appreciate.


"love the 12"! especially Big Band Jump pts 3&4 - really good release overall as no one has really mined the big band thing sicne Chemist and Numark. This really takes it into new territory - Lord Buckley too!
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