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Twelve Inch Jams 003 (pre-order)

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After releasing two solo albums and a couple of other label releases such as the new Twelve Inch Jams series, Jazz & Milk founder Dusty took some time to explore new territories including the sound and workflow of the MPC sampler - an incentive received while working on music together with labelmate Sam Irl.

As a result Dusty came up with two house jams on which he channels old samples and analogue synths with a hint of progressive but yet very melodic acid basslines.

While “Brick” starts off on a disco tip and slowly dips into a harmonic and deep 303 bassline groove, “Don’t You Worry” on the flip introduces African rhythms with its percussive kalimba and conga patterns, warm synth chords and a groovy bass workout towards the end!

"Jazz & Milk’s new Twelve Inch Jams series is quickly becoming a staple of my dance- floor sets. Loving #003 from Dusty: Extremely well produced deep, soulful, disco house with a nice acid curveball on the A-side!"

Lexis / Music is my Sanctuary

Expected release: March 23, 2018

  1. 1 Brick 05:56
  2. 2 Don't You Worry 05:46